ES1 Fabric Inspection Machines

ES1 Fabric Inspection Machines

Open Width Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine

-Open Width Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine

-Specially designed for rewieving, rewinding
and length measurement of rich Lycra
blended woven fabrics including with
flat-fold & tension control unit
-Fabric Inspection Machines For Home Textile
(Fabric Working Width 260-320 CM)


✓ Has upper UV lighting from the top & lower illumination

panel (white fluorescent light) including with measuring device
✓ Inspection glass made of natural glass prevents from static
charges induction during rewinding
✓ Provides easy operation with photocell stop when the end
of the fabric is reached
✓ Edge alignment photocells to keep fabrics rolled up with
even edge
✓ Automatic tension control for accurate fabric winding
✓ System of reels with helix-shaped spirals continuously
prevents from ruffling and rolling of fabric during rewinding
and assures fabric straightening
✓ Easy and ergonomic usage – all control switches are in
front of the operator
✓ Precise measurement of fabric length due to large reels
equipped with an electronic encoder, which are turning
together with reviewed fabric.
Maximum speed (per minute) 0-60 mm
Fabric width 2000-2200-2400 mm
Maximum roll diameter 450 mm
Maximum roll weight 150 Kg
Overall machine height 2250 mm
Overall machine weight 1600 Kg
AC / Motor drivers 5 pcs
Electrical power 6 kW/380V/50 Hz
Option 1: computerized, integrated data collection system for
registration of type and position of fabric
faults noticed during fabric inspection process, allowing to
create and print stickers with reports
containing error list and error statistics
Option 2: fabric weighting system in connection with fabric
length measurement system allows to
register real weight (grammature) of inspected fabric
Option 3: Blowing system for eliminating of fabric edge curls
Option 4: Available for Wider Widths ranging from 260-320
cm for Woven Fabrics (Home Textile)


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